Building Codes

Here you will find information and Points of Contact for submission of building plans.

The Canyon Ferry Crossing building codes are overseen by the Architectural Review Committee or (ARC)

The ARC contact is Lori Young. All Architectural reviews for building permits must be submitted to the ARC. Lori can be reached at the following e mail address 


Please direct all questions relating to the ARC to Lori or Rod.


Please coordinate with Lori concerning the submission of your proposed plans.

Architectural Review Application (New)
Architectural review application 2-28-20[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [219.9 KB]
ARC Design Document
Document to define design standards.
ARC Design Standard.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [24.0 MB]
Lot Improvements Requiring ARC Review
Lot Improvements Requiring ARC Review 3-[...]
Microsoft Word document [30.8 KB]
ARC Improvement Requirements
CFA ARC improvement requirements.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [339.0 KB]
Canyon Ferry Crossing Covenants
Canyon Ferry Crossing Covenants with Phase V
2017 Canyon Ferry Crossing Restated Cove[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [604.5 KB]
Amendment CFC Covenant 2019
Revisions recorded with association
Adobe Acrobat document [885.4 KB]
Selected CFC Covenant Reminders 3-23-13
Selected CFC Covenant Reminders 3-23-201[...]
Microsoft Word document [31.1 KB]
Residential Wall and Fence Guidelines Revised
Revised Guidelines to Residential Wall and Fences
JPG image [574.3 KB]
Defensible Space Tree Cutting Rule Change
Defensible Space Tree Cutting Rule Change
Defensible Space Tree Cutting Rule Chang[...]
Microsoft Word document [16.3 KB]